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As the Guardian have just mentioned, we’re delighted to announce that Simon Briscoe has joined Timetric as Vice President of Product.

We’re all really looking forward to working together on indexing the world’s economy. It’s a big task, but we reckon we’re up to it, and we’re very pleased that Simon’s going to be on our side (how can you argue with someone who literally wrote the book on British statistics?).

Here’s our press release:

Simon Briscoe joins Timetric as Vice President of Product

LONDON, United Kingdom, Sept. 22 — Timetric today announced the appointment of Simon Briscoe as Vice President of Product. Timetric index the world’s economic data; Simon brings his extensive experience in economic policy, the financial industry and journalism to the task of shaping Timetric’s highly-detailed and exceptionally broad-ranging economic data services.

Simon joins Timetric from the Financial Times, where he spent a decade as Statistics Editor. Before that he was Managing Director of Research at Nikko Europe and a senior economist at SG Warburg and HSBC. He started his career as a Treasury civil servant, including a spell at the European Commission in Brussels. He is an advisor to the OECD’s “Measuring the progress of societies” global project and is a director of Straight Statistics (straightstatistics.org), a pressure group that aims to detect and expose the distortion and misuse of statistical information. He has published several books, most recently “Panicology” (Penguin). He has been on the councils of the Royal Statistical Society and Society of Business Economists.

“We’re delighted that Simon has chosen to join us at Timetric,”, said Andrew Walkingshaw, co-founder/CEO of Timetric. “Simon has developed an immense understanding of the challenges faced by both users and distributors of public and proprietary statistical data. We are about to bring several new data products to market: as we do so, Simon will help us deliver the most useful and relevant services to both financial-industry and media audiences.”

“I am hugely enthusiastic about quantifying the previously unquantifiable. We will be both riding the wave of free government data and mining the insights locked up in businesses’ proprietary systems. Through that, we’ll be finding new trends – and breaking news stories! – using data, a resource which is still mostly untapped”, said Simon Briscoe. “We will aim to replace official data where it is no longer fit for purpose for the many people making business and political decisions.”

About Timetric

Timetric is indexing the world’s economy. Building on the Timetric Platform, a proprietary, highly-scalable, and Web-native time series store and statistical publication service, they are building the next generation of business information services. Their flagship public website, timetric.com, is used by publishers globally (including the Guardian) to communicate the latest statistical insight to their audiences.

Timetric is headquartered in Clerkenwell in London, England. It is backed by a team of leading angels based in the UK, the US, Europe and the Middle East led by Stefan Glänzer and Alex Zubillaga.

About Andrew Walkingshaw

Andrew is a cofounder of Timetric.
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