Timetric charts, in your site — now working on iPhone and iPad

We may have been quiet at Timetric, but we haven’t been idle. We’ve got a series of changes and new features coming to you over the next few weeks, built on the infrastructure work we’ve been doing over the last two months. Here’s one of the first (and most exciting) — embeddable graphs which genuinely work everywhere.

Up until now, to view Timetric graphs in blogs like this one and on news sites, you’ve had to have Flash installed. Most desktop computers do, and some phones as well (including Toby‘s Nexus One), but the iPhone and iPad in particular don’t support it.

Well, if the plugin won’t come to the tablet…

Thanks to Dan, this now works. (Excuse the slightly iffy photo: I plead iPhone 3.)

You can see plenty of these in action over on Byline, our economics blog, but if you want to get your own, here’s how.

When you click the “embed” button to share a graph on Timetric, a dialogue pops up:

Above the box with the embed code in, you’ll see “New!” in red. Click “switch” on the end of that line, and you’ll see the new embed code – use that one and your graph will work on the latest shiny tablets as well as in every browser back to IE6.

We’ll be making this the default way of embedding graphs soon, so try it out and let us know if it works for you. If it doesn’t, leave a comment or get in touch.

By the way: if you’re a data geek or a designer/UX specialist who likes graphs, or you know someone is, we’re hiring. Get in touch soon – we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

About Andrew Walkingshaw

Andrew is a cofounder of Timetric.
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2 Responses to Timetric charts, in your site — now working on iPhone and iPad

  1. operakat says:

    Thanks for this, Andrew.

    Very useful to quickly show a Timetric graph on-the-go. (You may consider posting an iPad screenshot instead of an external photo — press HOME button and on/off switch at top simultaneously, then go to “Camera roll”).

    Please consider an extra tweak to display on Opera Mini on iPhone/Android/Blackberry/WinMo/Nokia, since it’s preferable (cheaper & faster) for me to use Opera when on 3G and faster when using, even, public WIFI. Thx much. ;)

  2. Andrew Walkingshaw says:

    Opera Mini support for interactive graphs might be tricky – based on http://dev.opera.com/articles/view/opera-mini-5-developers/, SVG’s rendered as a static image and our Javascript-based graphs rely on full SVG support.

    But we’ve got a few ideas around how to get our graphs into even more places (whether browsers or not), so watch this space!

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