Inflation Stats, powered by Timetric Chartroom

On Friday, we introduced Timetric Chartroom — automated statistics sections for websites.

Here’s an example of what Timetric Chartroom can do:, a dedicated site for the latest UK inflation statistics. Inflation Stats breaks down all the RPI and CPI components, so you can see with a couple of clicks just which products or services are driving changes in the rate of inflation.

Here’s an example. As of right now, fuel prices are increasing by around 13% year-on-year, and fuel’s about 4% of the CPI basket (which, in total, is up 3.7% year-on-year at time of writing):

Because Inflation Stats is focussed around a single, easy-to-grasp subject, it’s really fast for anyone to find the graph they’re looking for. (Here’s the help page — have a look for yourself.). And because it’s built on the Timetric API and shares data with, it’s always up to date with the latest statistics.

We think the future of statistical reporting is sites like these. Why should the data live in a database only your journalists can see, particularly if it’s public? Make it public and let your readers grab and share the graphs too. Using Chartroom, we can have similar sites built into your website within days or weeks, on almost any statistical subject. Get in touch now to learn more.

(And if you’d like to help build sites and services like these, we’re hiring, and we’d love to hear from you too.)

About Andrew Walkingshaw

Andrew is a cofounder of Timetric.
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