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When we talk to people about Timetric, we always ask what features they’d like that we don’t have. A lot of people have asked for two in particular:

  • being able to change the colours of lines on our graphs;
  • being able to set custom labels for lines on legends.

Today’s a good day for all of those people! Our new graph-creation wizard — which appears any time you click an embed button to get a graph to share — lets you do both of these things, and quite a lot of other new things besides. It looks like this:

click for full size

giving you graphs which look like this — this one’s browser-adoption curves for all the versions of Chrome:

Internet browser market share, (%) by version from Timetric

As well as setting colours and series titles, you can now:

  • choose how each series in the chart is shown – as a line, as a colour-filled area (like above), or as bars
  • set the height and width of the graph
  • toggle markers on or off (or leave it to Timetric to decide)
  • set whether you want the graph to be updated when new data comes in

We’re looking forward to seeing how people use these. The bar charts, in particular, look great, particularly when you combine multiple styles on one chart:

Digital Natives Youth and Internet from Timetric

Drop us a note in the comments if you need a hand. (And if you’d like to lend one instead, we’re hiring, and we’d love to hear from you!)

About Andrew Walkingshaw

Andrew is a cofounder of Timetric.
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