Stacked bar and area charts!

In the last post on this blog, you might have seen a chart of mobile phone handset sales taken from the Asymco Mobile Phone Market Report (£125 now on Timetric). It didn’t look much like the charts you’d have seen before on Timetric – in fact, it was a new chart type, a stacked area chart.

You can make your own now on Timetric! Whenever you create a graph, tick the “Stacked chart” option:

Creating a stacked chart

and you’ll get something which looks like this:

and when you embed it, like this:

Internet browser market share, (%) by type from Timetric

(It works if you’re building bar charts too, incidentally.)

Let us know what you think! It’s a great tool when you’re building market reports, which is convenient, because we’re looking for analysts who want to write them (and more on that soon, but if you’re one, email us at

About Andrew Walkingshaw

Andrew is a cofounder of Timetric.
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