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Unsolicited advice for large governmental data providers

An ideal data source We source data from a number of large national, and trans-national, statistical bodies, like the Office of National Statistics here in the UK, or Eurostat. Downloading useful data from organizations like this is sometimes a tricky … Continue reading

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DJUGL talk: Scaling search to a million pages with Solr, Python and Django

Thanks to everyone who came along last night to DJUGL, to see me (and Nicholas Tollervey, and Mat Clayton) speak. My topic for the night was “Scaling search to a million pages, with Solr, Python and Django”. I’ve put the … Continue reading

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Sunburnt: a python-solr interface

Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes at Timetric, and a few of the results are now to be seen on the website. If you’ve been paying close attention, you might have noticed the … Continue reading

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OAuth 1.0a and autodiscovery

OAuth 1.0a As of last Monday, we’ve upgraded to cope with the OAuth 1.0a workflow. If you follow these things, you can hardly have avoided noticing that there was a big fuss in April this year, when a vulnerability … Continue reading

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API improvements

As Dan alluded to yesterday, this week we made a new API release. Previously our API was basically only let you add and retrieve data. This has been useful to a whole lot of people, but there’s much more that … Continue reading

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