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Customize your charts

When we talk to people about Timetric, we always ask what features they’d like that we don’t have. A lot of people have asked for two in particular: being able to change the colours of lines on our graphs; being … Continue reading

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Media roundup

It’s been a busy week for Timetric in the media. It started with The Lady used some of our data on malnutrition, sourced by us from the ONS and first published on Byline. Deaths from Malnutrition, ONS, E & W … Continue reading

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Timetric charts, in your site — now working on iPhone and iPad

We may have been quiet at Timetric, but we haven’t been idle. We’ve got a series of changes and new features coming to you over the next few weeks, built on the infrastructure work we’ve been doing over the last … Continue reading

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Ignite NewsFoo: The Back of an Envelope

Hi, Andrew here. I’m currently in Phoenix, Arizona at News Foo Camp, a conference about the future of journalism. It’s been utterly fantastic, and I’ll be writing more about it soon. If the people here are at all representative, journalism … Continue reading

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Oxford Geek Night #13

Andrew here. I was recently invited to be one of the keynote speakers at Oxford Geek Nights #13. Thanks to everyone there! It was a real treat to get a chance to talk about what we’re doing. I took the … Continue reading

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