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Customize your charts

When we talk to people about Timetric, we always ask what features they’d like that we don’t have. A lot of people have asked for two in particular: being able to change the colours of lines on our graphs; being … Continue reading

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Timetric charts, in your site — now working on iPhone and iPad

We may have been quiet at Timetric, but we haven’t been idle. We’ve got a series of changes and new features coming to you over the next few weeks, built on the infrastructure work we’ve been doing over the last … Continue reading

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Get up-to-date statistical graphs for your site

Firstly, hello to everyone at the data-driven journalism conference in the Netherlands today! We’ve been working on a few new things for Timetric, and one of them’s ready to go: we hope a lot of people, including journalists — and … Continue reading

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SVG graphs on

When we launched a little over a year ago, we needed a visualization solution so people could see our lovely data. We looked around, and decided that for performance and cross-browser compatibility, we’d create our own Flash widget based … Continue reading

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New search and new graphs!

We’ve just added a couple of new features to Timetric which we think you’ll find useful. Up until now, it’s been a bit tricky to get a quick overview of the data in an area; you’ve needed to save all … Continue reading

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