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Unsolicited advice for large governmental data providers

An ideal data source We source data from a number of large national, and trans-national, statistical bodies, like the Office of National Statistics here in the UK, or Eurostat. Downloading useful data from organizations like this is sometimes a tricky … Continue reading

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Sharing Timetric with your colleagues

At Timetric, we reckon the most important way you can use data is to use it to understand things and persuade people. So we’ve been busy building things to help you out with that, and here’s a new feature which … Continue reading

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Timetric Portfolios – now for your iPhone or iPod Touch

Update: As of the 21st September 2010, we’ve ended the Timetric Portfolios experiment, and we’ve pulled it offline. We launched Timetric Portfolios a couple of weeks ago, and we’re delighted to see people using it to track their investments (or … Continue reading

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Investment announcement!

23rd March, 2010: Investment announcement Timetric is delighted to announce that it has recently closed an investment round. Participants in the round included Stefan Glänzer, Alex Zubillaga, Sherry Coutu, Matteo Stefanel and Sean Park and Udayan Goyal of Nauiokas Park. … Continue reading

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Sunburnt: a python-solr interface

Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes at Timetric, and a few of the results are now to be seen on the website. If you’ve been paying close attention, you might have noticed the … Continue reading

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